True Refuge by Tara Brach

One could view True Refuge as a wonderful introduction to meditation but it’s so much more. In it, Tara Brach offers us a pathway to peace and a way to develop an inner sanctuary using mindfulness and self-compassion. During the hardest of struggles, her book serves as a welcome reminder to be gentler with ourselves and to focus on the people and things that are genuinely most important to us. I especially enjoyed her simplified way of teaching on the three classic Buddhist gateways to freedom—truth, love and awareness. This is a thought provoking, soul-nourishing read which caused me to pause, reflect and think more gently about my own life experiences. -Highly Recommended

About the author- Tara Brach is a teacher of Buddhist Meditation and practices, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Insight Meditation Community. To find out more about the author or to download free guided meditations from her website click here.

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