Dear Jen- Perseverance- Pep Talk Needed

Dear Jen, I know what you're thinking. Well, of course I do because I'm you. You're thinking that life is too hard, that the pain is too much and that you feel beaten down by this flare. You're running out of steam, out of motivation and out of  - for lack of a better work "zest". We've been here many times before. And we give in to those feelings. We [...]

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Motivation? What’s That?

Motivation? What's that? I haven't been writing for some time, I just haven't felt inspired. Not inspired to write, not really inspired to do anything. I know what you're thinking, what happened to all that motivation and zest from the beginning of the year? And the truth is I have no idea. I guess it happens to the best of us. We find ourselves suddenly stagnant, no longer moving forward. [...]

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Reaching Out

Why is it so hard to reach out and ask for help? Is it something to do with the western culture? Is it supposed to look like we can have a million balls in the air, and that we're managing them all to perfection oh and if you're a woman you also have to look beautiful while doing it. I don't get it. I'm tired of it. I'm not managing [...]

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Bell Let’s Talk Day -January 25th 2017

  Tomorrow is January 25th 2017 and all around Canada people will be participating in different mental health initiatives to raise awareness and end the stigma of mental illness. It's called Bell Let's Talk day. So let's talk... If you're new to the blog, you might not know that I suffer from a few mental illnesses. I have depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and [...]

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Just One Slice -moderation

I've never been good at moderation. When I like something I really like it and want it all. I wonder where that comes from? The fear that I'll never have it again? The fact that it tastes so good I just want more? And it's just not with food. I love the Funko Pop figures especially the Harry Potter ones. I'm  "collecting " them and there for one or two won't [...]

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Getting Ready to Go Out

This year since its 2017, and I wanted a revolution, my husband and I decided to create date night. Once a month we'll go out to dinner, or a movie, or like tonight to a little bar to hear some live music. I should be excited right? A night on the town with my man. But all this brings to me is waves of anxiety. What if I can't fit [...]

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Who Is Future Jen?

In my last few posts I've referenced future Jen.  But who exactly is she and what does it mean? Future Jen started as a comment from one of my closest friends. I think he was talking about the benefits of smoothies or yoga or meditation and how they could help me with the pain and anxiety I feel on a daily basis. He finished his comments by saying emphatically " [...]

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Supplements, Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

*DISCLAIMER*-The supplements discussed in this post were recommended to me by a medical professional who knows my individual medical history and current medications. This post is not meant to replace any advice given to you by your doctor* I have mixed feelings about taking supplements. I mean it must be a billion dollar industry. There are literally supplements for everything from increasing the shine of your hair to increasing your [...]

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Worthiness- a new concept

Worthiness. According to the quote above. I am worthy, right here, right now as I sit typing this post. It's such a foreign concept to me. I've never felt worthy before. According to this quote I don't need to be 120 pounds to be worthy. I don't need to be the most beautiful, the most intelligent. I don't need to have the most friends. According to this quote, I am [...]

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Dear Future Jen- It’s the Little Things

Dear Future Jen, It's 2017 and this year I promised you change. Change comes in many forms, sometimes we think that the changes we make need to be grand gestures, noticeable to everyone around us. But often it is the little things that add up to shift the bigger picture. Last year I watched (and listened) as my mother in law struggled at the dentist in order to keep her teeth. [...]

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