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Medistik – Product Review & Giveaway



My journey with Medistik began 2 years ago when a Nurse Practitioner recommended it me. She had discovered it at her chiropractor’s office after a back injury. She said it made such a difference in her recovery. I had never heard of it before, but was desperate for pain relief. I’d been using other topical products with no success so I thought I would give it a try and I’ve never used anything else since.

Medistik is a pain reliever made in Canada. Its a topical treatment that soothes aching muscles and joints and helps reduce my pain. I put it on every day before I bed and now I don’t think I could sleep without it. You don’t need to put on much to feel its effects.

From the Pamphlet:

How Does Medistik Work?

Alleviates Pain and Inflammation: 

When you are injured enzymes in your body create chemicals that cause pain and inflammation in your muscles and joints. Our Medistik Dual blocks enzymes from producing these chemicals, which alleviates your pain and inflammation.

Improves Blood Flow:

Medistik opens up your blood vessels where it is applied. This increases blood flow and oxygen content at the site of the injury, and speeds pain relief and healing.

Strength of Ingredients:

We produce the strongest topical pain relief products you can buy without a prescription. Powerful ingredients, herbs, vitamins and natural additives help muscles, joints, the nervous system and fight inflammation. (Ingredients like Peppermint oil, Glucosamine. . .)

It comes in three forms. The Medistik Dual Stick, the Dual spray and the Ice- roll on or in pump form. I use the Medistik Dual in stick form, which product might be the best for you?

I think the best way to decide is to try them all, which is why I’m so excited so to be offering a giveaway on the blog.  I’m giving away the Grand Prize you see below as well as three individual Dual Sticks. All you have to do is comment below and tell me what kind of pain you experience. Share your story with me. I’ll choose one lucky winner for the grand prize and three others. You must be a resident of Canada or the United States to enter. Contest Closes Friday May 5th 2017.

 ***Thank you to Medistik for providing the prizes***


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ChronicAlly Box Subscription-Review

ChronicAlly box

**I have been given this product as part of a product review.  Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.**

I was thrilled when I first heard about the ChronicAlly Subscription box. I’ve had other box subscriptions before (Ipsy & Birch Box) but none were specifically designed for those with chronic illness. With a focus on “self-care” the subscription sells for $43.95 US

From the ChronicAlly website:

“By ChronicAlly Chic Women, For ChronicAlly Chic Women
With each box packed with love by fellow chronic illness warriors, you can count on each product being tailored just for you. Each individual product in ChronicAlly Box is your ally, and serves as your ally by allowing you save time and energy. Each product does this by making your health and beauty routine better and easier.
 What to expect
The original Chronic Illness Woman’s Health and Beauty subscription box, ChronicAlly Box, contains lavish and necessary products for the Chronically Chic Woman’s life. Every month, you can expect a treasure box full of 3-6 full sized health and beauty products to make your beauty routine possible in a pinch, with little effort. Health products for your body and mind, giving you the ability to unwind.
Why ChronicALLY Box?
Imagine getting something else in the mail besides medical bills & unfavorable lab results. With ChronicAlly Box, we do just that by delivering 100% guaranteed smiles with each shipment to your door. Chronic Ally is your personal shopper, and number one ally by saving you a trip to the mall when you’re just too sick, tired, or both. We donate a portion of all sales to chronic illness causes.” –(love that they donate to chronic illness causes!)
I was so excited when my box arrived. I live in Canada so it took a little longer to ship to me, I tried to avoid spoilers online about what was in the box so I would be surprised.
chronically box
chronically box
The box contained:
  • A “Keep Going” necklace
  • Charcoal Soap
  • Hair ties
  • A Bath Bomb

Unfortunately my box was missing one of the items..a refined terra complexion mask. 🙁

Here’s what I liked:

  • the packaging-love the logo, and the way the box was put together
  • the contents! Loved the smell of the bath bomb (pumpkin spice) and can’t wait to treat myself to a spa night!
  • the ChronicAlly company gives back to chronic illness causes


Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • my box was missing an item
  • the cost of shipping for me would be almost equal to the cost of the box since I pay in Canadian dollars, just something to think about for you international folks.

Overall, I think the subscription this month was good value for what’s inside. October was their first month and I look forward to seeing what will come in the future.


 For more information, or to order your subscription visit www.chronicallybox.com
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Theraspecs and Migraines- A Review


**I have been given this product as part of a product review through the: Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.   Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.**

  I’ve dealt with a few migraines in my lifetime. It’s like they takeover your entire body and it can make you feel powerless to do anything help yourself.  Ever since the concussion from the car accident two years ago, I’ve had migraines much more frequently, as well as chronic headaches and photophobia (which is an extreme sensitivity to light). I’ve had vision therapy for the last year and a half  with the hope of helping me cope with the headaches and my new vision issues. As part of the vision therapy I was prescribed amber tinted glasses to ease my symptoms. They made an immediate difference but they also cost me $650.00.

When I was offered the opportunity to review Theraspecs for the blog I was intrigued. Would they work as well?


From their website:

“Theraspecs are tinted eyewear that filter the light that can trigger or worsen problems such as migraines, headaches, eye strain and exhaustion. Clinical research has shown that the eyes and brain do not react to all wavelengths of light in the same way. Some wavelengths—found in everything from sunlight to incandescents—are more likely to activate the nerves in the eye and brain, causing pain and eyestrain in sensitive individuals.

Furthermore, fluorescent lights pulse very rapidly, even when working properly. That rate is too fast to see consciously. However, the brain can still pick up that pulsing as rapid signals from the nerves of the eye. Some repeating patterns, such as visibly flickering lights or even stripes of certain widths, can trigger headaches, eyestrain, migraines, and exhaustion. The pulsing is most intense at certain wavelengths.
The tinting we use in each and every pair of TheraSpecs filters these problematic wavelengths of light, reducing such problems as headaches, eyestrain, migraines, photophobia, and exhaustion” – (www.theraspecs.com)

To find more about how Theraspecs work check out their comprehensive FAQ page here.

There are several styles to choose from and you can order them through their website with your own eyeglass prescription.  I decided on a pair that was for indoor use and would fit over my prescription glasses. I had been wearing my tinted glasses all the time, even at night but I liked the idea of having the option to remove the tinted glasses when the tint wasn’t required.

The pair I ordered sold for $99.00. A big difference in price point from my other pair.


The glasses arrived quickly after ordering and came in a case. They were light weight and fit over my prescription lenses well. The tint was almost the same colour as my current tinted lenses. Perhaps even a little lighter. I wear them indoors, especially while watching T.V and using the computer. I’ve had them six weeks and I feel they are helping just as much as my doctor prescribed tinted glasses.

Heres what I love:

  • they are lightweight
  • they fit over my prescription glasses comfortably
  • the price point. They are affordable and good value for the money
  • Most importantly-they work!

What I didn’t like:

  • I think I look a little goofy with glasses over glasses but the company does have an in prescription option as well.

Recommended for for those suffering from migraines, headaches, sensitivity to light and eye strain.

For more information about Theraspecs check out www.theraspecs.com

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Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser-Review


**I have been given this product as part of a product review through the: Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.   Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.**


  I’ve always wanted to try Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance physical and psychological well being.  After my car accident and the concussion, I occasionally used peppermint oil to help soothe the nausea I had as a result. Sniffing the oil through out the day seemed to help. I wondered if aromatherapy could help in other ways as well. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Organic Aroma’s oil diffuser.

  Organic Aromas nebulizing diffuser requires no heat and no water. This means it doesn’t dilute the essential oils you’re using. A great explanation on how it works can be found on the website here. I placed my order on Amazon and it arrived in a few days. It came nicely boxed, with instructions, droppers for cleaning and a vial of Organic Aromas Signature Blend essential oil.


It’s Arrived!


The contents


Signature Blend Essential Oil

Here’s What I Love:

  • It’s beautiful! It’s made out of wood and glass and looks like a piece of art in my living room and bedroom
  • It lights up! It has a series of rotating colourful lights. Its fun and soothing to watch
  • It works! It works so well. I cant believe how effectively it delivered the oils throughout the room. So far I’ve tried peppermint, lavender (my favourite) and the Signature blend, all with great success
  • I don’t have to watch it like I would a scented candle
  • I think it would make a great gift and I intend to buy it for someone for Christmas this year

Here’s What I Didn’t Like:

  • The price point. It’s a little pricey at first glance. But overall I do believe that its good value for what you get
  • The Signature Blend Essential Oil it came with. I just didn’t like the smell. Too much sage for me. Organic Aromas does have other blends I’m interested in trying though
  • I wish it had an automatic shut off. The instructions recommend having it on for a maximum of two hours. It would be nice if it shut off automatically after that so I could go to sleep with it on

The diffuser in action

I’ve been using it almost daily since it arrived. I find it very soothing especially at bedtime. It helps me relax, decompress and get ready for sleep. When I use the peppermint oil it helps with my chronic headaches and the nausea that goes with them. I’m always looking for new ideas to help with my chronic illnesses and chronic pain and it’s definitely been added to my list of distractions and treatments for my high pain, and high anxiety days. Highly Recommended!

For more information about the company and to see what else they offer you can visit their website:


You can order your own diffuser by clicking the link below:

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