Parenting in Pain

My son was three when the pain started. I'd always been an actively involved parent. I took pride in my parenting. Sitting on the floor playing games with him, reading stories with him on my lap. Going for walks, taking him to Gymboree classes.  And suddenly that needed to stop. I could barely walk and I was in agony most of the time. I went through a barrage of doctors all [...]

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Reaching Out

Why is it so hard to reach out and ask for help? Is it something to do with the western culture? Is it supposed to look like we can have a million balls in the air, and that we're managing them all to perfection oh and if you're a woman you also have to look beautiful while doing it. I don't get it. I'm tired of it. I'm not managing [...]

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Dear Future Jen- It’s the Little Things

Dear Future Jen, It's 2017 and this year I promised you change. Change comes in many forms, sometimes we think that the changes we make need to be grand gestures, noticeable to everyone around us. But often it is the little things that add up to shift the bigger picture. Last year I watched (and listened) as my mother in law struggled at the dentist in order to keep her teeth. [...]

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Resolution or Revolution?

Happy New Year! The new year often marks a time when people reflect about the previous year and start thinking about what they might want to accomplish in the next. At least its always been that way for me. I can't say that I've been the best at creating resolutions and sticking to them, in fact I usually fail miserably. So this year, I decided not to set any resolutions [...]

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The Waiting Room

I currently spend my life in a waiting room, wondering when my name will be called. At least that's what it feels like. What are some ways I could pass the time? Leave an idea below and I'll compile a list and post it.

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The Perfect Day

What is the perfect day? What would it be for you? Would it include a beach at sunset, or your favourite meal? Perhaps time with loved ones, or hot chocolate by the fire? My good friend and I were discussing this very thing the other night. He talked about his quest for the perfect day. I was surprised at what he described. I expected dreams of adventure, or the inclusion of [...]

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Creating A Mind Jar

Recently, an article where Sheena Bounsanga, a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Mindfulness Coach came to my attention. In the article Sheena wrote about the benefits of making a mind jar and I had to share it with you. For the full article -click here. Quoting the Article: "A mind jar is a great visual tool to help children and adults understand mindfulness. It represents our minds and illustrates how busy our minds and [...]

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Pain

Two and a half years ago I walked through the doors of Qualia Counselling Services. My physiotherapist at the time thought that counselling, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would help me cope, manage the pain and help me regain some sort of quality of life. I was skeptical. I had attended therapy years before, but it hadn't been helpful. I also had a difficult time trusting people. But then I met Raechel, and we [...]

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Have Pain, Will Travel

  The Pain Warrior blog will be taking a brief hiatus as we take our family vacation. And although I'm super excited to be spending oodles of time with the famjam, travelling with a chronic illness and chronic pain can be exhausting and challenging. It also causes me a lot of worry. What will the hotel be like? Will the beds be comfortable, will I be able to sleep? Will [...]

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Cancelling Queen

If there is one thing that is predictable about having a chronic illness and chronic pain, its that how and when the chronic illness or chronic pain will affect you is completely unpredictable. It's frustrating, it's upsetting and it's made me the Cancelling Queen. (-kind of like dancing queen but without the funky Abba music) I may feel ok when I get up in the morning, I may even have energy, [...]

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