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The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

The Heart and the Bottle

I remember when I first came across The Heart and the Bottle. I was in a bookstore looking for a few new picture books. I’ve been a fan of Oliver Jeffers for years; his writing style and the way he illustrates has always spoken to me. However, this book spoke to me on a whole new level.

The story revolves around a little girl, who after an overwhelming loss decides to take her heart out and put it in a bottle. She hopes to keep it safe from pain. As time goes on she begins to realize that without her heart she has become numb to the world around her. As a result, she can’t feel or enjoy anything. The problem is she doesn’t know how to get her heart out of the bottle.

the heart and the bottle

As I read this book to myself, tears welled in my eyes. I could (and still can) relate so much to this little girl. My heart is definitely in a bottle; in a safe place but I feel numb to the world. I’ve dealt with so much hurt, I’m still not sure if I want my heart back. Feelings can be so painful. But even if I wanted it back, like the little girl I don’t know how to get my heart out again.

Can you relate to The Heart and the Bottle? Any advice for me? Here is a simple art piece I made because of the book.

Heart and the Bottle

To find out more about Oliver Jeffers and his incredible books you can check out his website here. 

There is even a jewelry line based on his books, you can check it out here.


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Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser-Review


**I have been given this product as part of a product review through the: Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.   Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.**


  I’ve always wanted to try Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance physical and psychological well being.  After my car accident and the concussion, I occasionally used peppermint oil to help soothe the nausea I had as a result. Sniffing the oil through out the day seemed to help. I wondered if aromatherapy could help in other ways as well. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Organic Aroma’s oil diffuser.

  Organic Aromas nebulizing diffuser requires no heat and no water. This means it doesn’t dilute the essential oils you’re using. A great explanation on how it works can be found on the website here. I placed my order on Amazon and it arrived in a few days. It came nicely boxed, with instructions, droppers for cleaning and a vial of Organic Aromas Signature Blend essential oil.


It’s Arrived!


The contents


Signature Blend Essential Oil

Here’s What I Love:

  • It’s beautiful! It’s made out of wood and glass and looks like a piece of art in my living room and bedroom
  • It lights up! It has a series of rotating colourful lights. Its fun and soothing to watch
  • It works! It works so well. I cant believe how effectively it delivered the oils throughout the room. So far I’ve tried peppermint, lavender (my favourite) and the Signature blend, all with great success
  • I don’t have to watch it like I would a scented candle
  • I think it would make a great gift and I intend to buy it for someone for Christmas this year

Here’s What I Didn’t Like:

  • The price point. It’s a little pricey at first glance. But overall I do believe that its good value for what you get
  • The Signature Blend Essential Oil it came with. I just didn’t like the smell. Too much sage for me. Organic Aromas does have other blends I’m interested in trying though
  • I wish it had an automatic shut off. The instructions recommend having it on for a maximum of two hours. It would be nice if it shut off automatically after that so I could go to sleep with it on

The diffuser in action

I’ve been using it almost daily since it arrived. I find it very soothing especially at bedtime. It helps me relax, decompress and get ready for sleep. When I use the peppermint oil it helps with my chronic headaches and the nausea that goes with them. I’m always looking for new ideas to help with my chronic illnesses and chronic pain and it’s definitely been added to my list of distractions and treatments for my high pain, and high anxiety days. Highly Recommended!

For more information about the company and to see what else they offer you can visit their website:


You can order your own diffuser by clicking the link below:

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Friday Favourites- Pinterest!

My favourite things


Friday Favourites is a newer feature here on the Pain Warrior where I’ll highlight something or someone that makes my heart happy. Part of battling chronic pain, is findings things and ways to not only recharge yourself but that also bring you joy. My hope is that you’ll share your favourites in the comments.

PINTEREST! I know that I’m not alone in loving this website. I’ve been pinning so long I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t using it to look up ideas for children’s programs, crafts, and inspiration. It’s also one of those sites I wish I would of thought of-Visual bookmarking!?! -Yes please!

I currently have 73 boards and  over 3700 pins on Pinterest. I know thats not as many as some but I’m pretty picky and only the best of the best gets saved. I pin on a wide variety of topics with the exception of recipes, I’m not usually found in the kitchen and cooking could be dubbed as one of my least favourite things. For craft ideas I actually try and do a couple of ideas when I can. I go back and search through what I’ve pinned especially around the holidays.

Favourites -Pinterest

Pinning on Pinterest is a great pass time for me when I need something to distract from pain but can’t concentrate on reading, or blogging or other tasks. It’s a visual wonderland and the sky’s the limit as to what you can search which has meant I’ve also found some great pain resources and information about my condition.  I also use to daily to find inspirational quotes, a good laugh -love those SOME E Cards, and things that might uplift my spirits and even share with others.

You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

What about you? Is Pinterest a site that you use? What are you favourite things to pin?

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Friday Favourites – Singing

My favourite things

Friday Favourites is a newer feature here on the Pain Warrior where I’ll highlight something or someone that makes my heart happy. Part of battling chronic pain, is findings things and ways to not only recharge yourself but that also bring you joy. My hope is that you’ll share your favourites in the comments.

For as long as I can remember, singing has been one of my most favourite things to do. I’ll sing anywhere, and will often add a tune, even as I’m talking.  My mom still has cassette tapes (am I dating myself?) of me singing into a microphone when I was 4. I also loved to make up songs.

As I grew, I joined choirs at school, performed in musicals and at school assemblies. Listening to music certainly speaks to me, but singing – fills my heart.


When chronic pain set in, I stopped singing. It wasn’t a conscious choice, I just stopped. Perhaps because it hurt too much to sing, perhaps because I spent a lot of time angry at and resentful of the pain in the beginning. It got to a point though, when I had to look for ways to improve my quality of life, especially if the pain wasn’t leaving (which it isn’t anytime soon). And one day I found myself singing in the shower. It wasn’t on a stage, but at least it was something and a place to start.  I have this dream of joining community theatre, auditioning, and singing in front of an audience again someday. But for now, singing in the shower or in the car (or in the living room, or kitchen, or den :)) is enough.

What about you? Do you find music soothing?

Is there anything that you loved that you gave up when you got sick? What’s stopping you from getting back to it?

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