Worthiness- a new concept

Worthiness. According to the quote above. I am worthy, right here, right now as I sit typing this post. It's such a foreign concept to me. I've never felt worthy before. According to this quote I don't need to be 120 pounds to be worthy. I don't need to be the most beautiful, the most intelligent. I don't need to have the most friends. According to this quote, I am [...]

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Kinesiophobia- The Fear of Movement

Kinesiophobia is defined as "the fear of moving. In the world of physiotherapy, it is a well documented disorder where a person believes that movement can cause more injury and pain." (http://www.professionalptandtraining.com/general-health-information/what-is-kinesiophobia/) I have kinesiophobia. After years of chronic pain, and inflammation, I've developed a really intense fear of movement. I can walk for a short duration but anything more and I'm terrified of injury. I fear it will lead [...]

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This is Me at 40

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. I find that hard to believe. I feel permanently 18 years old in my head, maybe that's a good thing? Maybe I'll be young forever that way. In some ways I feel so much younger than my age and in some ways I feel so much older. My mind may be young but this body is old. It's seen so much pain and illness for a [...]

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A Case of the Wishes

I've come down with a case of the "wishes". It doesn't involve a fever or the flu but it is that feeling that overcomes you when you want your life to be different and you spend time wishing for what it could be.  Like these ones that came over me today: I wish I wasn't in pain I wish I wasn't anxious all the time I wish I was there was [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving -My Gratitude List

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada and every year I think it's important to pause and reflect on all the blessings I have in my life. Yes, I have chronic illness and pain but I also have a lot of wonderful reasons to be thankful. Family is on their way here again (Kevin does the cooking) and I have the table set. We have 10 people joining us. We always have such a nice [...]

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Crisis Line-Here 24/7

Have you every called a crisis line? I have. In fact, I often call at least once a week. Here 24/7 is a crisis line and a "front door to the addictions, mental health and crisis services provided by 12 agencies across Waterloo – Wellington – Dufferin." You can call whether you need to talk to someone or if you need a referral to other mental health services across the [...]

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Letting Go

I'm not good at letting go. See that jar up there with the butterflies? My jar would be closed. Once something or someone is in my grasp, I hold on tight. I was thinking about that very thing tonight.  Over the next few weeks I'll be moving on to a new therapist. I've been with my current therapist for two years. We've worked hard together, I've made progress with her and I'm [...]

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I Have a Black Dog, His Name is Depression

My goal for this blog is for it to be a source of inspiration and support. I want my posts to be hope filled, because when in pain it is so easy to become hopeless. Usually I manage fairly well, but lately I won't lie, it's been hard.  After my car accident this past October, I had so much more than just my regular body pain levels. Now I had [...]

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Friday Favourites (2) – Blue Edition

Friday Favourites is a new feature here on the Pain Warrior where I'll highlight something or someone that makes my heart happy. Part of battling chronic pain, is findings things and ways to not only recharge yourself but that also bring you joy. My hope is that you'll share your favourites in the comments. As I mentioned in an earlier post, last week our 17 year old dog passed away. [...]

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Blue’s Passing-Saying Goodbye

I thought I'd be prepared for the day that we had to say good bye to Blue. He was just a month shy of 17 years old and we knew that it would just be a matter of time before the day would come. That day was yesterday. And I am gutted. There is this ache in my chest and I just long to hold him, to feel him at [...]

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