50 Ways to Take a Break


Everyone needs a break, I know I need many throughout the day, and this graphic is so great! Here are a few of my favourites pictured:

  1. Colour with crayons
  2. Read or watch something funny. (Thank God for Big Bang Theory)
  3. Take a bath
  4. Light a candle (or many candles, just don’t leave them unattended)
  5. Call a friend. -thank you Rebecca, Alan, Adrienne and Hilary
  6. Find a relaxing scent. For me it’s lavender.
  7. Give thanks. When I’m really anxious, I sit down and write down what I’m grateful for. It seems to help calm the anxiety.
  8. Sing (ok- I added this one-but it does make me happy)

What are a few of your favourites? What would you add?


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